Episode 60

Published on:

22nd Sep 2022

5 daring acts to handle rejection in sales

One of the biggest horrors of doing sales is facing rejection.

But if you want a sustainable business, you must constantly put yourself out there, each day selling. Being rejected or hearing a NO can be frightening because we live in a society and culture where acceptance and approval are synonymous with our self-worth. And when that self-worth gets a hit. It seems difficult to get back on the feet again. 

The harsh reality is that if you can't handle rejection in sales and move on, your dream of building a business might be crushed very early on.

In this episode of Ace the sales, the host Roshni Baronia is sharing 5 daring acts to handle rejection

The following are the highlights of the episode

  1. A mindset shift of how you perceive rejection
  2. 4 SWs approach to entering into a sales interaction
  3. How to detach your self-worth from rejection
  4. Emotional healing of rejection 
  5. Action step to bounce back

Listen in to conquer the shame and handle rejection like a BOSS!

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